Business Intelligence: Are you overlooking Lost Gold in your data?

How much value could you extract from your existing data? How much would it cost to improve on/increase the amount of your data? One of the interesting observations when dealing with distributors is the vast amount of data collected on a daily basis, yet not really put to the best use.

Why you must Digitalise Your Distribution Enterprise!

All forms of transportation, but perhaps distribution more than any, live with the schism, that the sales price is usually set according to weight and/or volume plus distance. Your cost price, on the other hand, is defined – or driven - by much more complex parameters.

How your route planning software could be far more effective

When your business depends on your fleet executing multiple stops, route planning software is essential. However, too many companies rely on too many solutions at once – making supply chain management feel like ‘going round the houses’ rather than a smooth journey. Furthermore, ‘just’ optimising the routes may not even yield the result you think.

Dynamic Route Planning The BIG Buzzword!

What do people mean when they say “Dynamic Route Planning”? It is my experience that this expression has a large variety of meanings depending on who you ask. In fact is has so many meanings that I would argue that it has become meaningless in many cases. Here are some of the examples we have come across in discussions, tenders and other encounters with our customers and prospects.

Leading Romanian Pharmaceutical Distributor Deploys AlgoPlanner Software On Zebra’s Touch Computers To Optimise Route Planning And Manage Deliveries

Leading Romanian Pharmaceutical Distributor Deploys AlgoPlanner Software On Zebra’s Touch Computers To Optimise Route Planning And Manage Deliveries Our drivers have embraced the new technology. They find the Zebra touch computers to be robust and reliable, with functionality similar to their own smartphones, and software to be user-friendly.

Significantly improved business control and more than 15% reduction in operational costs in DANX A/S, Denmark.

DANX is the leading in-night logistics provider in Scandinavia with our own distribution network in all four Nordic countries. Our core business is that of delivering spare parts for production, repair and service with a 99+% on-time performance. DANX has been growing at rates above 25% per year in the latest 5 years.

Honeywell, DANX and AlgoPlanner cooperate to improve the performance of drivers’ personal computers.

Being one of the leading suppliers in the market for professional mobile devices, we are committed to meeting the demands of the transport distribution industry. The AlgoPlanner solution has pushed the advanced capabilities of our existing devices with their extensive use of GPS, scanner and application execution outside the WiFi environment.

What is the actual cost of one stop on a distribution route?

Do you know the cost that each of your clients actually impose on your operation? We spent a lot of time finding a workable way to work this out. There are many factors to be considered.

POD in AlgoPlanner

See how AlgoPlanner can be tailor-made to handle Your POD.

AlgoPlanner Live View

The Unique Overview of your distribution fleet. AlgoPlanner represents a paradigm shift in distribution. Now YOU will know BEFORE the driver when and where the day’s challenges will occur – and you will get the tools to handle them.

AlgoPlanner Math

This video describes – in layman terms – the theory and mathematics that make the basis for the significant savings that AlgoPlanner will introduce in any Distribution Task by introducing Dynamic Routing.